Cruise from Chania Old Port to Katholiko, Seitan Liman, Marathi, and Macherida

Trip type: Full day
  • Departure from Chania Old Harbor at 10:00
  • First stop, the small, secluded, sandy beach of Macherida. The beach is named after the wild gladioli (gladiolus italicus) that grow in the fields behind the beach during the spring.
  • Next stop the sandy, protected beach of Stavros, well-known from the film “Zorba the Greek” for a swim and some free time.
  • Next stop Katholiko. Circling the north side of the headland, we make a stop at the narrow creek of Katholiko, right at the mouth of this small but impressive gorge. We spend some time there, ideal for a refreshing dive at the inviting blue sea.
  • Next stop, Seitan Limania beach, where we enjoy the crystal, turquoise waters from our boat, away from the crowd.
  • Next up, is Marathi island and beach, a wonderful place to enjoy some lunch too at the local tavernas, should you like to.
  • Return back to the Old Harbour of Chania around 18:00
  • With the Marvel rib 10m boat: 650€ (up to 9 persons)
  • With the Marvel rib 6m boat: 600€ (up to 5 persons)
  • This is a private
  • Availability is subject to weather conditions (wind factor).
  • The above prices include the captain for the day, the rental and the fuel for the boat and also light snacks water/soft drinks on board).
  • The above prices do NOT include any lunch or other personal expenses.