Cooking Lessons Tour

(SEASON 2022)







Program: Afternoon start 17:00
Duration 5 hours

For all ages gastronomic interest – food – nature


80,00 € (included free transfer)


Child (4-11,99yrs old)

40,00 € (included free transfer)


  • The Tour takes part: at our house farm at the village Metochi (1 km from Kissamos port).
  • Our guests are guided at:
  • The garden with seasonal vegetables & garden with aromatic and therapeutic herbs
  • The olive grove
  • The citrus orchard
  • The Vineyard, the wine cellar & the traditional grape foot press
  • The sheeps place & chicken place
  • This tour performed every: Tuesday & Thursday
  • The foods we cook together are:
  • Kalitsounia
  • Dakos
  • Tzatziki
  • Cretan Salad
  • Main dish: Gemista or Boureki (depending on seasonal vegetables)
  • Main dish: Port meat with tomato sauce & onions

Extra: Eggs (if the chickens have laid eggs the same day they will be collected and cooked)

Additional Information

Cretan Traditional Cooking Lessons - Tour to the farm

Eleni and her mother Chrisoula are ready to help you prepare some fabulously tasty dishes made with hearty Cretan ingredients such as extra-virgin olive oil, fresh vegetables, local meats, delectable cheeses, aromatic herbs and a splash of wine. We’ll also be there to reveal interesting information about the herbs of the island, including the therapeutic properties of olive oil and tips about the products we use.

After preparing the main dish and while we wait for it to cook, head out on a guided tour of the farm and our traditional house. You’ll discover our enchanting vegetable garden so you can see all the produce in season and take in the scents of the aromatic and therapeutic herbs. You can also admire our free-range chicken and sheep before heading to our olive groves where you can learn about olive oil production. Lastly, we’ll head to our wine cellar for an entertaining wine tasting session to try a variety of bouquets, from some of oldest 20-year old wines to our most recent production. Don’t forget to try our local spirit called Tsikoudia or Raki before passing by the wine press and ending the tour at the citrus orchard.

At the end we’ll all sit down to try the different plates that we’ve prepared together, along with good local wine.

If you’re looking for a healthy Mediterranean diet or have an appreciation of fine Cretan food, you’re going to thoroughly enjoy these traditional Cretan cooking lessons, complete with lots of food tasting and foodie strolls through the garden.

Trip available every Tuesday, Thursday!